The Meeting Raffle (Updated October 3, 2011)

There is a raffle held at every general meeting of the club.  The drawing takes place at the end of the meeting.

Raffle Rules
  1. All current club members (senior, life, and honorary) in good standing are eligible to enter and win.
  2. Newly elected members must wait until the following meeting to be eligible for the drawing.
  3. All members eligible to win must be present and have their membership card displayed.
  4. Each member participating in the raffle must pay a $1.00 fee and receive a raffle ticket before the drawing.
  5. Members will have from 6:45pm to 7:15pm and approximately 1 minute after the meeting to enter the drawing.
  6. The odds are approximately 1-380 to win.
  7. At any time, the Board of Directors reserves the right to change the rules.  Current rules will be posted in the clubhouse.
  8. There will be no drawing on Key Night.

The Way The Raffle Is Held

At the end of each General Meeting one name will be drawn from the barrel, and if the member who's name was drawn is not present, or did not enter the drawing that night, or does not have his membership card, then there is no winner.  When the jackpot reaches $500.00 and there is no winner a second name will be drawn for one half of the jackpot amount at that date.  If there is no winner of the second raffle all monies roll into the raffle for the next general meeting.  This scenario will repeat at each General Meeting until there is a name drawn, the person is present, the person has their membership card displayed, and the person has entered the drawing for that night.  The only time this will change is if the funds exceed $1,000.00.  When the funds exceed $1,000.00, all monies collected over and above the $1,000.00 will go into the checking account as part of the general funds (the maximum first prize drawing is $1,000.00, the maximum second prize drawing is $500.00).

Eligible - Members

Every club member (senior, life, and honorary) in good standing who has their membership card displayed is eligible to enter the drawing. The only way to win is to be present at the meeting and enter according to the rules listed above. There will be no absentee entrees allowed.

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