·        For the safety of every member and our neighbors all rules must be strictly adhered to.  Any infraction of these rules will be subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors as specified in the By-laws.

·        All members must have their membership card on their person and in open view while on club property and must upon request  by an officer or board member present the membership card for review.  The officer or board member has the right to hold the member’s card and suspend the membership until the member appears at a board of directors meeting for review and if necessitated disciplinary action.






Trap Range Rules


1.    A Range Officer must be visibly present whenever a member is shooting.  There will be only one Range Officer in charge of the range; all other members must abide by their decisions.  Typically the Range Officer is the person who opens the range.

2.    Members disagreeing with a Range Officer's decision may present the problem to the Board of Directors or to the membership at a regular meeting, but must abide by the Range Officer's decision until the disagreement is resolved.

3.    No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall use the trap range.

4.    No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on the trap range.

5.    No hand traps or target release devices of any kind are allowed.  Only club equipment will be used.

6.    Shooting at club clays only.

7.    Eye and Ear protection is required for every person on the range.


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