·          For the safety of every member and our neighbors all rules must be strictly adhered to.  Any infraction of these rules will be subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors as specified in the By-laws.

·         All members must have their membership card on their person and in open view while on club property and must upon request  by an officer or board member present the membership card for review.  The officer or board member has the right to hold the member’s card and suspend the membership until the member appears at a board of directors meeting for review and if necessitated disciplinary action.


Outdoor Range Rules 

1.    Outdoor range hours of operation are from 9:00 AM to Sunset Monday through Saturday, and Sunday 1:00 PM to Sunset.  Shooting outside of these hours is strictly prohibited.

2.    A Range Officer must be visibly present whenever a member is shooting.  There will be only one Range Officer in charge on the shooting range.  All other members must abide by their decision.

3.    Members disagreeing with a Range Officer's decision may present the problem to the Board of Directors or the membership at a regular meeting; but must abide by the Range Officer’s decision until the disagreement is resolved.

4.    Guests:  A life or senior member may have a single guest on the outdoor range for only one occasion.  This guest is allowed to shoot on the outdoor range only under the direct supervision of the member; guest and member may not shoot at the same time.  A junior member is not allowed a guest.

5.    A - A Junior member, 10 through 14 years of age, may shoot a firearm on the outdoor range while accompanied by and under the constant supervision of a member parent/legal guardian.  The junior member and the parent/guardian may not shoot simultaneously.

B - A Junior member, 15 years of age or older, may shoot
a firearm on the outdoor range simultaneously with a member parent/guardian.

6.    No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall use the outdoor range.

7.    No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on the outdoor range.







The only targets permitted on the outdoor range are:
Bay 1 (sand backstop) paper targets, plastic bottles, tin cans not to exceed 1 gallon   in
Bay 2 (60 foot bullet trap) paper targets only.
Bay 3 (Unistrut target carriers 16 to 30 feet bullet Trap) paper targets only.
Bay 4 (60 yard shooting bench) paper targets only.
·      Bay 2 and Bay 3, only handguns chambered for 45 caliber cartridges or less are permissible.  Note, a rifle (long gun) chambered for .22 caliber long rifle rim fire cartridges is permissible.  Absolutely No center fire rifle.
·      No armor piercing or incendiary ammunition.
·      Paper targets must not exceed 12 x 12 inches.
·      Do not place any objects or targets on or attached to the safety barriers.
·      Shotgun ammunition is limited to slugs only.

 9.    All shooting must take place inside the safe to fire zone designated by the area in front of the red line painted on the cement pad.  No shooting in front of or side of shooting bench line.  All shooting must be confined to the firing position or lane painted red, green, or blue you are standing in.  There is no cross lane shooting.
Shooting at the berm is permissible in Bay 1 and Bay 4 as long as all shooters utilizing the range are in agreement to temporarily relocate the firing line down range.

10. Before preceding down range all firearms must be made safe and when down range no person is allowed to handle a firearm or be standing in the safe to fire zone.

11. All targets must be mounted on target frames or in such a manner that all bullets will impact in the sand backstop or be contained in a bullet trap.  No round shall strike the baffles or upright poles.

12. No combat shooting of any type allowed.  Combat shooting is defined as follows: A simulated encounter, drawing from a holster, action shooting, or fight between two parties (or more) usually a person and a foe represented by various target types and positions utilizing firearms for defensive purposes.

13. Shooting must not exceed a Timed Fire rate of 5 fairly spaced rounds in 20 seconds.

14. All misfires are to be placed in the yellow receptacles in the shooters pavilion, do not leave them where unauthorized persons could gain access.

15. No full automatic fire of any type allowed.

16. All Shooters are required to pick up their brass and targets.

17. Eye and Ear protection is required for every person on the range.


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